For agri-food projects such as poultry, ed dairy, sheep, greenhouses, irrigation, food processing, feed mills, hatcheries, poultry processing plants, sheep and cattle slaughter plants, meat processing plants and rendering plants.

Burgan Agri Co. offers feasibility survey, project planning and technical assessment.

Burgan Agri Co. executes all agri-food projects based on turn-key projects, or under supervision to supply materials only.

Food Industry:
Burgan Agri Co. supplies all products for Agri-food projects, such as equipment, packing plants, chemicals, disinfectants and testing.

Poultry Industry:
Burgan Agri Co. supplies The poultry industry with: feed, concentrate, soya, hatching eggs, day old chicks for layers and broilers, egg trays, equipment for production such as, heaters, drinkers, cages, feeders, egg grading, and packing equipment.

Burgan Agri Co. has five showrooms and three stores in Kuwait for the immediate supply of:

  • Green houses: Plastic, fiberglass and glass.
  • Drip irrigation, sprinklers, etc
  • Polyethylene pipers from 8mm – 110 mm.
  • Filters for fertilizers, injector pumps
  • Fertilizers: Water-soluble and insoluble compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, peatmos, etc
  • Chemicals: Such as insecticides and Pesticides
  • Seeds: Indoor and Outdoor vegetable and flower seeds
  • U.V treated polyethylene films, fiber glass, poly-carbonate sheeting and shading.
  • Climate control: cooling pads, fans, materials control equipment
  • Machinery: lawn mowers, walking tractors, pumps and sprayers.